Couple on laptop

When it all gets a bit too much to bear, escaping the realities of everyday life and getting lost in another world entirely certainly does appeal. While for some escapism is found by becoming engrossed in a book or a new TV series, gaming is an ever-popular means of detaching from the pressures and responsibilities of the real world. And safe to say, it’s my favourite!


Couple on laptop

Online gaming provides an entry point into new worlds where fun and joy beckons. And with many of us continuing to spend more time at home post-pandemic, what better way is there to pass some time mastering a new game while recreating some of our favourite childhood memories?

Become Re-acquainted with your Favourite Childhood Characters

Let’s face it, who didn’t watch Dennis the Menace as a kid? I used to love tuning in to find out what mischief he and his dog, Gnasher, were getting up to. So when I found a game that coupled Dennis and Gnasher with another favourite of mine – I’m a Celebrity – I knew I was in for a treat. Dennis takes on his very own bush tucker trial, trying to strike down the creepy crawlies he’s faced with.

It’s a simple slingshot game that’s really easy to play. Its simplicity means I don’t really have to think about anything while I’m playing this stress-busting game. Trust me when I say that trying to beat your score is addictive! Although the game itself can be over in just a few minutes, I find myself playing over and over again. I’ve even challenged Simon to get in on the action to try and beat my score. He hasn’t managed yet!

Screenshot of the game

Get your concentration Face On!

When I’d rather get my teeth into something a bit harder, I challenge Simon to a game of chess. I’ll be honest – he’s a better chess player than me. So I love that when we play chess online, I get a helping hand. When selecting the chess piece I want to move, it highlights all the places I can move it to and also shows me whether I can take any of Si’s pieces. I don’t have to pester him every time I make a move now, asking him for clarification of where I can go.

But the best bit about playing online as opposed to our physical chess set? The convenience! If we decide we want to challenge one another to a game, we don’t have to waste time digging the chess set out from whichever closet it’s hiding in! Being a two player game, we can enjoy spending quality time together without focusing on the dark clouds above our heads.

Online chess

If you’re looking for new ideas to help reduce your day to day stress levels, then online gaming could well be the answer. It’s easy to find games online that appeal to you, work on all devices and – best of all – are free to play! In the throngs of childlessness, why not rediscover your inner child? 


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