As you probably already know (and if not, go and check out my first post!), I am infertile. I’m part of that club that nobody wants to be in. In the UK, one in seven heterosexual couples is granted membership to the infertility club. The club in which everyone has their own storm to battle through; no two stories being the same. Yet whilst everyone in this club is going through their own hardship, its members are the most supportive bunch of people you could be lucky enough to meet. We lift each other up on a daily basis.

Infertility Support

But when it comes to those around us who haven’t had to walk this walk, I’ve encountered a gross lack of empathy and understanding. This is something that I’m hoping to change through being open about our struggles both in real life and via this blog. Because, whether they choose to disclose it or not, the chances are that you know a couple who’s had to face infertility.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled for all of these people. Including you, if you’re one of them. I envy them. How I’d love to be part of the 6 in 7 club! To not have struggled with my fertility or to have been happy in the decision to live a childless life by choice. I’d even go as far as saying that I’m grateful that other people in my life haven’t got a clue what we’ve gone through. I wouldn’t wish my experience of infertility on anyone.

So, it’s time that we lift the taboo surrounding infertility. We need to open up conversations to get the support we need from those around us. And also so that those around us know how to give us that support.

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