Kid entertained on tablet

The school holidays may be drawing to a close but with darker nights and bad weather just around the corner, you might still be looking for ways to keep the kids entertained on a shoestring.

The cost of living crisis is having us all tighten our purse strings and consider our priorities. If weekend days out and after school clubs are no longer a feasible factor in your budgeting, then online gaming for kids might just fill the void. 

Kid entertained on tablet

Here are three reasons why you should consider online gaming as a worthwhile activity for your kids this autumn.

1. It’s affordable

Let’s face it – whose household isn’t packed full of screens and devices. Whether it’s mobile phones, tablets, the smart TV or even the good old, trusty desktop – we’ve all got them. 

So make the most of your past purchases and subscriptions by getting the kids online. There are tons of free online gaming sites out there to choose from.

If you’re already paying for data or broadband, these online games won’t cost a penny more. So see it as getting maximum return from the investments you’re already making in these areas. Keep the kids entertained at home without having to buy even more things to keep them occupied. Winner!

2. Keep the kids entertained with educational content

Not only are online gaming sites a haven for the old-school games we all remember from our own childhoods, they also host a wealth of educational games. There really is a game for everyone’s ability. 

Make sure screen time is put to good use by encouraging your kids to practise skills such as maths or literacy. 

This maths speed game is a favourite of mine. It can help them to brush up on their numeracy skills by answering multiple choice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums against the clock.

You’re given three lives and up to ten seconds per answer. I think it’s a brilliant game. Not only for children who want to practise what they’re being taught at school. But also for adults who want to test how sharp their brains still are. A perfect way to spend 10 minutes and a great mental workout for the brain!

3. Teach them games you used to play

But don’t worry. Not only is there a vast range of educational content out there, but an even larger variety of games reminiscent of the ones we used to play when we were younger. 

OK, they might not be as cutting edge as the latest Xbox or PS5 games, but these online games are a welcome reminder of a simpler time. Perfect for sharing with our younger generations.

Personally, I love the card games. I remember learning to play solitaire on our Windows-95 PC (brick) back when I was younger. So I’m pleased to be able to continue to play and show my nieces and nephew how to play, too.

Not only that – I’ve discovered the online version of Uno and I have to say it’s addictive. Another throw back to my youth! Uno is still a game that comes out regularly in our family, but it’s great to be able to play against the computer as well – for all those times no-one else is up for a game!

So there you have it. Three great reasons why you should embrace the screen time this autumn… Now you just have to decide what to play first!

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