Inositol Supplements for IVF
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Throughout my fertility journey, I’ve been taking various supplements for IVF preparation in an attempt to both boost my fertility and improve my symptoms of PCOS. I’ve tried different combinations and different brands and so I thought I’d share what I’m currently taking.

Supplements for IVF Preparation

As you may already know, we had an unsuccessful round of IVF back in September. Prior to – and during – that round, I was taking a pregnancy multivitamin and inositol. In a bid to have a better cycle next time round, I have changed up what I’m taking.

Inositol Supplements for IVF

We’re hoping to be able to start our next round in early 2022 and my main focus is improving my egg quality. We went into our round of IVF hopeful that we’d get a few embryos buy the quality of my eggs meant that although they fertilised, the embryos were unable to develop well enough. So I’m on a mission to do everything in my power to make our next round more successful.

As it turns out, my poor egg quality is due to a couple of factors. Previously, I’d just thought that my infertility was down to PCOS. Recently, I found out that I also have issues with my thyroid that can also impair egg quality. I’ve started medication for this as well as some extra supplements.

What I’m Taking To Improve Egg Quality

Firstly, I’ve started to take CoQ-10. CoQ-10 is an enzyme that’s found in some foods. It helps the cells in our body to function properly by being a source of energy for them. In female fertility, CoQ-10 can support the eggs to mature.

Following fertilisation, this energy supports the development of embryos until they are – hopefully – successfully implanted and pregnancy occurs. Studies have shown increased pregnancy outcomes in those supplementing with CoQ-10.

Why Didn’t I Take This For Round 1?

Until I found out that my eggs were such poor quality, I didn’t know that this supplement existed. It had never been mentioned to me but through my own research, I’ve seen that many women with PCOS take this as poor egg quality can be attributed to the condition. My consultant was happy for me to start taking the supplement until my next round of IVF.

Vitamin D

While my pregnancy multivitamin contains vitamin D, my consultant suggested that I take extra as it “won’t hurt”. She explained that it was safe to take higher than the daily NRV. In fact, she said that most people – fertility patients or not – should take more than the recommended dosage during the winter months as we don’t get enough from diet or sun exposure. 

Following her advice, I’ve started taking an extra vitamin D supplement per day. 


Another supplement I added to the mix is Omega-3. Although omega-3 can be sourced through food, I don’t eat fish as I’m vegetarian. It’s proven to assist with egg quality and ovarian reserve. Every little helps, right!?!

And What About My PCOS?

I’m still taking inositol to help with the symptoms of PCOS. Whilst no brand I’ve ever tried has helped to regulate my cycle, I’ve seen an improvement in other symptoms such as mood and acne. 

Recently I’ve been taking the Focus Supplement Inositol which also includes folate and chromium which complement each other to improve hormonal balance. It’s handy to have the folate included as this is a particularly important supplement for fertility!

Is That Everything?

On top of all that, I’m still taking a generic pre-conception multivitamin. It has small doses of a lot of vitamins in it and is easily found in supermarkets and pharmacies. 

Focus Supplements 5-HTP

Unrelated to my fertility, I’ve also been trying 5-HTP lately. I started to add this in as I always wake up feeling like I could do with another 10 hours in bed, despite having a full night’s sleep. Similarly to the inositol, I’m currently taking the Focus Supplements brand and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement.

I’ve been on this supplementation regime for a couple of months now and have noticed a few changes. I’m feeling more alert, have more mental clarity and less anxiety. I’m not sure which, if any, supplement in isolation is helping with this, but the combination does seem to be helping.

The jury’s still out on whether any of this will have an impact only egg quality. The only way to find out is when we have our next round of IVF. Until then, however, I feel better in myself and I certainly think being proactive helps me to stay focussed. Fingers crossed for a better outcome next time!

A Little Something For You

If you’re also taking supplements, or thinking about it, for IVF or to improve your fertility, you’ll notice that they can be pretty expensive. Focus Supplements have given me a discount code to share with you on their full supplement range. If you purchase anything from the Focus Supplements shop on Amazon and enter the code Impcosible1 you’ll get an extra 10% off! It’s valid on their entire range of supplements – get shopping!

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