One way that I’m keeping my mind off our current fertility treatment is wedding planning. By the time Simon proposed to me, we’d been trying for a year and had finally had the GP referral to the fertility clinic following initial tests. Knowing that if we hung around waiting for the outcome of the appointment we’d keep putting off setting a date, we wasted no time.

Within two weeks we’d been to see a handful of venues and had found the one for us. Soon after, we had booked and were ready to start planning. At the time our date was 19 months away. Naively, we thought that would give us plenty of time to get the ball rolling with treatment. If it came to worst, we were prepared to have a break for a couple of months. I mean, who wants to walk down the aisle 9 months pregnant?!

What we could never have expected was the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only was our treatment delayed, so too was becoming Mr and Mrs Wright. Despite riding it out for as long as we could, the inevitable happened and lockdowns dictated that we postpone our big day.

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No Compromises

By the time our hands were forced into the delay, we were well into the pandemic. Our venue and other suppliers were all able to accommodate our new date without question. We’re so lucky to not have to make compromises!

When we postponed, the first place we contacted was the venue. Knowing that there was absolutely no way we could imagine getting married anywhere else, we had to have a date that worked for them as well as for us. After some deliberation, we chose to delay by almost an entire year. By our new date early in 2022, we hope to be restriction free!

Wedding Planning: Full Steam Ahead!

With just shy of 6 months left, we have just pressed play on our wedding planning again. The pandemic halted our preparation. First up: wedding attire. My quest for a dress is still on hold pending our IVF cycle, but Simon has got himself and his groomsmen kitted out in a lovely suit.


Men always seem to be easy to sort. Bridesmaids, on the other hand, have been trickier. It’s harder to choose a dress to suit every body type. Luckily, this handy guide helps you to pick out bridesmaid or prom dresses that suit you. So that’s exactly what we’re planning on following when picking out bridesmaids dresses later this month!

Once I get that in order, that’s all the major things sorted. So next on the agenda is to arrange the finer details of the wedding itself. I’m really keen to look into wedding photo sharing apps so that all our guests’ photos can be enjoyed by everyone. Our wedding is taking place in a rural location with many of our guests choosing to spend the whole weekend with us at the on-site accommodation. There’s bound to be hundreds of pictures flying about!

I want to be able to remember everything that goes on at the wedding – not just what our photographer captures!

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After that, we have everything pretty much arranged. As I said, I’ll go dress shopping nearer the time (fingers crossed for a maternity dress). And other than that, all I need to sort is the decorations. I decided to do them myself. I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for the last two years. Then I will put them all together with one of my bridesmaids!

It’s getting very exciting now – I’m sure these final few months of wedding planning will fly by!

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